The old-time favorite pavilions continue to allure people today. Large tents and pavilions were largely used not only through medieval England but throughout ancient Europe. Merchants, military troops and royalties benefit from pavilions versatile space.

Today, marquee hires replaced ancient tents. Although they are built from modern materials, their basic purpose remains the same - to create space where it is needed. Marquee hires can be installed on any surface (grass, sand, gravel or concrete) and in almost any location (roof terraces, back yards or gardens). Some marquee hire types do not require any extra space for their installation and this makes them extremely suitable for small spaces.

Modern marquee hires come in a variety of sizes and styles. The most common marquee hire types are the traditional pole marquee and the frame marquee hire. Chinese hat marquee hires are also quite desirable. One of the greatest advantages of marquee hires is that their interior can be decorated in virtually any way to perfectly match the theme of the event. Whether you are planning to organize a wedding, a birthday, a business brunch or even a trade show, there will be marquees hire to match your requirements and budget. Marquees are hired also when extra business or industrial building capacity is required - for temporary storage, warehousing, and short-term production. New materials and installation techniques allow their use all year round and under any weather conditions. Moreover marquees can last from weeks to several years.

Some UK suppliers of marquee hire will not only offer marquees, but complete tailor-made full scale event solutions. The range of services varies among different providers and it can cover anything from furniture, lighting, heating, floristry, catering and entertainment to modern audio visual solutions and special effects. The costs of marquee hires also vary - for example a 6x6m marquee hires that can host up to 40 people costs around 600 with flooring and floor coverings included; a 9x3 m marquee that can host approximately the same number of guests would cost you around 500. The price mostly depends on the type and size of the marquee and if any additional services and personnel will be hired.